From the Beginning

Queensway Chapel Nursery is a full day care nursery offering spaces for children from 0-8 years. From humble beginnings as a play group in the nearby church Queensway Chapel, the nursery has blossomed and thrived over the years under careful guidance from our board of trustees.

The building itself is large and airy, with lots of natural light. People are always surprised by the open plan layout, and amount of space the children have access to. Behind the humble reception area, lies a vibrant and sunny environment, providing care for children aged three months to eight years old.



The Nursery is open all year around, closing only on Bank Holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Monday - Friday

8am until 6pm

We offer various flexible sessions between these times, with term time only, and all year around contracts available.



The Nursery is a Christian Charity that supports families in caring for their young children. We do this through the high quality care and purposeful play activities we provide.

Queensway Chapel Nursery has cared and educated pre-school aged children in partnership with their parents for over 30 years. We are a Christian charity, with strong links to Queensway Chapel and Canberra Children Centre.

Initially set up as a small playgroup in the Church hall at Queensway Chapel, it evolved and grew into Pre-School and then grew further to become a Nursery offering full day care in its own purpose built building.

 Aims and Objectives

To enhance the development and education of children primarily under statutory school age in the Melksham and neighboring area consistent with the principles of the Christian religion by:

  1. Creating a caring, safe and happy atmosphere where children and their families feel safe and secure.

  2. Providing a wide range of purposeful play activities that help children to develop to their full potential.

  3. Encouraging the children to consider others before themselves and to know the difference between right and wrong, respecting all races, religions and ways of life, so helping them to develop a caring attitude.

  4. Involving all staff, parents and volunteers in working together to achieve these objectives.

Management of the Nursery

The nursery is a Charity, registered number 1104578

A Company Limited by Guarantee, number 4934227 and is organised by the Christians at Queensway Chapel.

There is a membership, who elects a group of Trustees who are responsible for the effective running of the group.

The members meet every year for the Annual General meeting

The Trustees meet regularly to discuss nursery matters, the Childcare and Business Managers of the nursery attend these meetings.

The day-to-day management of the nursery is delegated to the Childcare and Business Managers.



The Nursery is split into two separate age ranges, with their own play spaces and outside areas that join directly to their play rooms.



Toddler Room 2-3 Years

Our Toddler room is a perfect space for our two to three-year-old children. It is set up in a way that enables children to explore and develop their independence through resources that cover the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We can take up to sixteen toddlers at any one time, and have four highly experienced members of staff to meet their needs.

Children have opportunities to play as well as to experience a wide variety of adult-led and child-initiated activities, play is freely chosen by the child and this is usually highly creative and imaginative. We have an established role play area - ready for tea parties and teddy bears picnics, a construction zone for budding builders with cars, animals and loose parts to enhance learning. The toddlers also have a cosy book area, ready for sharing stories or taking a few quiet minutes before exploring again. Resources are displayed at child height, with low level shelving and storage to promote self-selection and are regularly rotated by the staff.


3-5+ Years

The Preschool Room is home to our eldest children at the nursery, our three to five year old's who are getting ready to start primary school. We can take up to twenty eight children in this room, and have four experienced staff to look after them. The preschool room is large and airy, with space to move, build, discover and play. There is a large creative area with access to all things messy and artistic. A play dough zone, for building muscles in children’s hands ready for writing, construction and home corner spaces. The preschool children also have a calm/sensory den, a book corner and access to technology, mathematics and problem solving resources.

The preschool routine is largely play based, with set adult-led sessions to prepare for Reception at school. These sessions are short and focused on extending children’s learning and experiences through their interests, the preschool staff also deliver a Letters and Sounds program during term time which focuses on developing listening skills and early recognition of sounds ready for reading.



All rooms have their own direct access to the nursery garden.

Outside play is crucial to the learning and development of the children that attend our nursery. It is our strong belief that there is no such thing as 'bad weather' and encourage the children to explore and use the outside space as much as possible.

The garden is spacious and divided between the different age ranges.

All three rooms have their own separate garden spaces, equipped with age appropriate resources. In addition to this there are also areas where the children can free-flow together. We believe that the youngest children can learn so much from those older than them, and likewise encourage the older children to help care for those smaller than them. Developing empathy skills and friendships across the ages.

The nursery has a small store of spare wellies, waterproof all-in-ones and spare suncream and hats for the summer. However we encourage all parents to ensure that these things are provided within children's bags.



The term after their third birthday all children are entitled to 15 hour’s funded nursery education per week during school term times. These hours can be spread out to cover school holidays if you wish, and equate to 11 hours per week all year around.

In addition, some three and four year olds may qualify for 30 hour’s funded nursery education per week. 

Some two-year-olds may receive 15 hours funded nursery education – please speak to a Nursery Manager or the Administrator if you need more information about this.



Queensway Chapel Nursery, Queensway, Melksham SN12 7LQ, UK

01225 709515



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Find out more about the Nursery by downloading a copy of our Prospectus.


A copy of our Policy, for parents and carers. You can request additional policies to be sent to you during the COVID-19 Pandemic, by emailing the nursery.


A copy of our Policy, for parents and carers. You can request additional policies to be sent to you during the COVID-19 Pandemic, by emailing the nursery.


A copy of our Policy, for parents and carers. You can request additional policies to be sent to you during the COVID-19 Pandemic, by emailing the nursery.