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3-5+ Years

The Preschool Room is home to our eldest children at the nursery, our three to five year old's who are getting ready to start primary school. We can take up to twenty eight children in this room, and have four experienced staff to look after them. The preschool room is large and airy, with space to move, build, discover and play. There is a large creative area with access to all things messy and artistic. A play dough zone, for building muscles in children’s hands ready for writing, construction and home corner spaces. The preschool children also have a calm/sensory den, a book corner and access to technology, mathematics and problem solving resources.

The preschool routine is largely play based, with set adult-led sessions to prepare for Reception at school. These sessions are short and focused on extending children’s learning and experiences through their interests, the preschool staff also deliver a Letters and Sounds program during term time which focuses on developing listening skills and early recognition of sounds ready for reading.

Hedgehogs 3-5 years: Services
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