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Toddler Room 2-3 Years

Our Toddler room is a perfect space for our two to three-year-old children. It is set up in a way that enables children to explore and develop their independence through resources that cover the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We can take up to sixteen toddlers at any one time, and have four highly experienced members of staff to meet their needs.

Children have opportunities to play as well as to experience a wide variety of adult-led and child-initiated activities, play is freely chosen by the child and this is usually highly creative and imaginative. We have an established role play area - ready for tea parties and teddy bears picnics, a construction zone for budding builders with cars, animals and loose parts to enhance learning. The toddlers also have a cosy book area, ready for sharing stories or taking a few quiet minutes before exploring again. Resources are displayed at child height, with low level shelving and storage to promote self-selection and are regularly rotated by the staff.

Owls 2-3 years: Services
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